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We Inspire Passion

Maybe it’s a paintbrush or a microphone, a camera or a pen. Maybe it’s movement and dance or music and lyrics. Maybe it’s even a mix of all these (and more!). Whatever your medium is, YPI is a place to explore, expand, and engage with your artistic passion. Everything is a work in progress.

We Build Confidence

Creative expression is the ultimate goal. YPI provides a safe space to develop your art and flex your creative muscles with master teachers who help guide the careers of campers as they mature. The college-like environment also promotes responsibility and cooperation among campers.

We Strengthen Friendships

Outside of the workshops, your engagement with fellow campers from all walks of life creates an inclusive, sharing community where we can all learn from each other in a holistic way as both artists and people. Your YPI journey will develop skills and friendships that you can take with you.


Whether it is a pen, a paintbrush, a sewing machine or a camera, all visual artists have a certain medium that they like to work with… And some like to use them all! We offer top-of-the-line equipment for use during camp and masterful guidance campers take with them beyond their time at YPI.

You don’t have to have experience on Broadway to get up on stage at YPI. Through improvisation workshops and guidance from professional actors, singers, musicians, and dancers, you will have the chance to express yourself through movement, instruments, and voice.

Writing workshops involve a combination of independent creative writing and sharing, and collaboration with fellow teachers and classmates. Writers will write, revise, and edit their pieces throughout the week before sharing them with the rest of the camp at We Jazz on Friday afternoon.


While bringing your own equipment is encouraged, it is not necessary. Writers are welcome to bring their own laptops. Photographers can bring their own cameras. Musicians/songwriters can bring their own instruments. However, we do have equipment to share if necessary.  


Thanks for the amazing formative experience you and YPI provided me all those years ago!  I still remember it fondly, and I know it contributed to my development as a writer and an artist.

Scott Griffith, YPI Alum

YPI is such a wonderful place and Quinn is so happy there!

Julie Olsen, YPI Parent

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