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YPI relies on the generosity of our friends and family to give campers the best experience they can have summer after summer.

YPI is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. In order to continue to succeed, YPI relies on the generosity of our friends and family to give campers the best experience they can have summer after summer. With the support of our sponsors, we are able to provide our students with trained professionals, top-of-the-line equipment, and a safe, beautiful environment that encourages creativity.

We are humbled by and so fortunate to have the generosity of many YPI alumni and their families. 

One of our major financial contributors since 2011 have been the founders and organizers of Bring Our Music Back, the Bombaci family. We have been designated as one of the not-for-profit programs benefiting young people to receive funding for scholarships for those talented young people who wish to share the YPI experience. Through their generosity, several campers have been able to attend YPI over the last three summers to participate in music, art and film.

We also owe a great deal to J. Stewart Huey, for his generous contributions facilitating the printing of the YPI brochure, designing YPI t-shirts and serving YPI as a Master Teacher, consultant, and long-time friend.

Many thanks also to Walt Hampton, Ruth Martin, Annie Eiper, and Gwen Moraski, and Don't Panic Management who have championed YPI with the kindness of their financial support and encouraging words. Their loyalty and love for YPI have enabled us to make it through even the most difficult of times.

or send a check to YPI's winter home:

YPI, Inc.
10513 Casella Way
Apt 101
Fort Myers, FL 33913

how you can help

Make a General Donation

Every year, over 25% of YPI's students receive financial aid to attend creative arts workshops. They join an unparalleled environment of cooperation and mutual support. YPIers go back out into the world with a new sense of creativity and the knowledge that there is dignity in risk. Your donation makes all the difference.

Support a Scholarship

We have created specific scholarship funds to honor former YPIers who are no longer with us. These scholarships were designed to fund campers who show exceptional interest or ability in writing, visual arts, or performing arts. Learn more about our scholarships, donate to a specific one, or share the application with potential campers.

Donate Equipment

Got an old camera you're not using anymore? Or a set of paints that are collecting dust in your garage? Send them to us! We are always looking for well-loved (or brand new) art supplies and equipment that our campers can use. Mail them to our director at 10513 Casella Way, Apt. 101, Fort Myers, FL 33913 and email us so we can send you a receipt.

We continue to look for ways to get together as a YPI family. We always appreciate ideas to help us celebrate YPI, share our art, and keep the YPI spirit alive. Feel free to share ideas on our Facebook page.

In the meantime, stay in touch to tell us how you are doing. We love hearing about your successes. We especially love receiving any college essays or papers talking about the YPI experience.

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