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YPI is lifechanging. But don’t take our word for it. Hear what former campers and parents of campers have to say about this incredible experience!

Find compassion and encouragement.

First of all: Thank you.

It's taken me 15 years since leaving YPI to even realize that, at the time, love was what I needed, that love is what I wanted ... and that love is what you gave me. It was a true love, one that families ought to provide one another. I write this with tears in my eyes: YPI very well might have been my first family.

Thank you for showing me warmth and compassion and encouragement and acceptance when you didn't need to. Thank you for providing those things even when I didn't accept them. Thank you for seeing whatever you saw in me. 

-Bob Weisz, YPI Alum

A gift of love, confidence, and fearlessness.

Being at an arts camp where it’s okay to miss a note or drop a line made me realize that people will still be behind me when I am on stage and in my life. I have gotten the confidence to step up for what I believe in. I am now not as afraid to say what I think. 

Without this gift of love, confidence, and fearlessness, I would not be where I am today. I think that these qualities are the most valuable gifts I have ever received in my life. It has made me into the butterfly I had always wanted to become.

-Julie Maynard, YPI Alumna

YPI has something for everyone.

The lessons that I learned at YPI far surpass how to be a stronger artist. My years at camp influenced how I perceive the world around me, through both my successes and my times of struggle. Even now I reflect on the memories of my time as a camper and I remember some moments of profound emotion, mixed with the impromptu goofiness of others. This is the YPI state of mind!

YPI is a place of growth. Being able to reach past your comfort zone to find something great within you. To be able to try something completely new and realize that you have untapped gifts that you didn’t know you had. To be able to find comfort in stillness, listening to the sounds of an acoustic guitar echoing through the night air accompanied by the intense game of four square happening on the other side of the quad.

As a camper, you know you are doing great things with great people, but now as a staff member of almost 10 years, I can see even more clearly what YPI means to everyone who has the privilege of becoming involved. It’s a haven for kids who need an outlet, a breath of inspiration for staff who love to see the greatness of young people, and a celebration of the beauty of the creative mind. Whether you utilize a pen or a paintbrush, your feet or your voice, YPI allows you to continue to grow, adjust, improve, and take safe risks to create strong and successful young people, who then become incredible adults.

It could be learning concrete life skills like how to live away from home, remembering to do your laundry, or structuring free time. It could be more abstract skills like how to use leaves to make a dark room photo develop differently, what your vocal range is, or how many pirouettes you can do without getting dizzy.

No matter what, YPI has something to offer for everyone. And that’s the power of art, right?

-Mackenzie Trowbridge, YPI Alumna and staff member

Memories that last a lifetime.

Thanks for the amazing formative experience you and YPI provided me all those years ago!  I still remember it fondly, and I know it contributed to my development as a writer and an artist. 

-Scott Griffith, YPI Alum

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