YPI Summer Camp for the Creative Arts


August 2 – 15

It’s not just a place, it’s a state of mind

See why!

Who We Are

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Jeff Ostroff

Director/President of YPI Inc.

Jeff has been at YPI since it was invented in 1981 as a writing teacher and as the Director/President of YPI Inc. He has been a working with young people for about 50 years as a counselor, teacher, coach, principal and camp director. Read more…

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Sal Basile Sr

Poetry, Journalism, Short Story, Song Writing

Sal is as proud as Punch and Judy to still be a part of the Greatest Camp on Earth. He has been at YPI every summer since 1992, as a master teaching in poetry, journalism, short story, and song writing. Read more…

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Sarah Grasso


Sarah Grasso has been positive, shining spirit at YPI since 1990. Her first years were as a camper where she studied short story, poetry, and photography. Read more…

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Helena Martin

Song writing

Helena Martin is a songwriter, producer, and keyboardist based in New York City. Her band Distoria’s debut EP and follow-up single are available on iTunes or Amazon and contain her original piano rock music. Read more…

Our Programs

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Creative Writing
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Fine Arts
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Performing Arts