YPI 2022 COVID-19 Protocols

We’re updating our COVID-19 plans given the most recent news about sub-variants. Here’s the modified plan after consulting with CT state officials, other camps, doctors, and—most importantly!—our own nurses, Judy and Tennille. Any questions, please contact Jeff Ostroff at 860-918-3155.

Please read these guidelines carefully to make sure you come to camp with everything you need. Last summer we had a perfect wellness run, and we want to make sure we keep everyone safe and have a great time again this August.

Bring the following:

  • Vaccination card showing your camper is fully vaccinated (and, where relevant, boosted) against COVID-19. (Many of you have already sent proof, but please bring the most updated information.)

  • Proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken by your camper within 48 hours before Sunday, July 31 at 5pm. Results from a PCR test are preferred, but a photo on your phone of a rapid antigen test works, too. (We will check the timestamp on the photo.)

  • If you’d like to send extra rapid tests, too, please do. The nurses can help campers take extra tests outside our scheduled tests.

When you arrive:

  • We’ll check campers’ vaccination cards and negative tests.

  • Before you unload the car, each camper and everyone who comes to drop them off will take a rapid test provided by YPI if needed. Again, everyone who arrives will need to take a test.

  • Once everyone in your car tests negative, you’ll check in and unload. Welcome to camp! Everyone will wear masks throughout the drop-off process.

Other precautions during camp:

  • On Sunday and Monday of week 1, we will wear masks indoors, except for eating and drinking in the cafeteria. On Tuesday of week 1, everyone will take another rapid test. When we’re all negative for COVID, anyone comfortable going maskless is welcome to do so indoors and out.

  • On Sunday of week 2, before the new campers arrive, everyone from week 1 will take another test to keep our new friends safe.

  • Anyone is welcome and encouraged to wear a mask whenever they want.

  • Teachers, counselors, and staff are following the same protocols: fully vaccinated/boosted plus the same testing plan as campers.

  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms will be isolated and tested immediately. If someone gets a positive test, they’ll be isolated (and well cared for!) until their parents can pick them up.

  • We will also be very careful when families come to visit on the Sunday between weeks 1 and 2. We encourage families to stay outside and wear masks if they come inside the dorms.

We hope these precautions help you breathe a sigh of relief in uncertain times. I know this may be strict, but we are dedicated to the health and safety of everyone. Again, if you have questions or concerns, I hope you’ll let me know right away.

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