YPI 2021 COVID-19 Protocols

YPI will follow all CDC and Connecticut State recommendations to stay as safe and protected as possible. In addition to providing masks to all campers and staff, YPI and Suffield Academy staff will spend extra time cleaning all equipment, classrooms, and public/shared spaces. Staff will work with campers to keep their own dorm rooms and bathrooms as clean as possible and will provide cleaning supplies for each dorm and classroom. All YPI staff will be fully vaccinated.

Below are our guidelines for each scenario during camp. Please review them carefully and know that as CDC and state recommendations evolve, we will follow suit. Any questions, please contact Jeff Ostroff at 860-918-3155.

General Rules

Unfortunately, we cannot allow campers to come and go from our YPI bubble. Once you’re in, you’re in. This means that campers won't be able to see anyone outside of the YPI and we can only allow campers to join for either the first week only or the full two weeks. No new campers will be allowed for the second week only. If campers that sign up for the first week only wish to stay for the second week, this will be allowed if space permits.

This also means no visitors and limited trips to the store. Most supplies will be ordered in advance to prevent any external contamination. If any emergency food/supplies are needed, we will have one non-camp attendee drop off the items, contact-free.

Masks will be required indoors at all times. Masks may be removed while outdoors, eating, showering, teeth brushing, and sleeping.

Social distancing of 3 feet or more is required at all times. 

Frequent hand washing will be encouraged and hand sanitizer will be available.

All campers and staff are required to show written proof of vaccination or negative covid-19 PCR test that is dated 3 days or less before arrival at YPI. No proof, no YPI!  Please keep exposure to others minimal after being tested.

No visitors will be allowed. Campers will be encouraged to use phone/video communication and technology will be provided in the event that the camper does not have his/her own.

Any attendee with two of the following symptoms will be tested for COVID at a drive-through test site: fever, sore throat, headache, runny or stuffy nose, cough, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell. 

If a camper tests positive for COVID and cannot attend camp, 80% of tuition will be refunded.


  • Masks are required for all campers, parents, and staff throughout the entirety of the check-in and checkout process
  • All staff will be required to provide proof of vaccination in order to work at YPI
  • All campers must present proof of vaccination OR a negative PCR COVID test (dated within 72 hours of the start of camp) or they will not be admitted into camp
  • All staff and campers will have their temperatures taken upon arrival 
  • Parents may drop off their children and bring their belongings to the door of the dorm, but may not go into dorms or classrooms unless they show proof of vaccination
  • Staff will help campers bring their belongings into the dorms


  • Masks are required by staff and campers indoors, including bathrooms
  • Masks may be removed while showering, brushing teeth, and while in their own rooms
  • Furniture will be removed or spread apart in common spaces to encourage social distancing of at least 3 feet


  • Campers and staff will all remain at least three feet apart during class and class sizes will be determined by any space restrictions in each classroom
  • Staff will hold workshops outside whenever possible
  • YPI will provide individual supplies for each camper (unless otherwise noted in the classroom requirements)
  • Supplies will disinfected at the end of each day 
  • Any common supplies will be disinfected after each use
  • Classrooms will be cleaned at the end of each day


  • Campers and staff will sit 3 feet apart at tables
  • Masks may be taken off while eating
  • Meals will be taken outside when possible

Rec/Evening Activities

  • Masks are required for all staff and campers when activities are indoors
  • Activities will be held outside whenever possible
  • Extra staff will remain on duty to supervise activities 
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