"Disclaimer" by Natalie

Editor’s note: This week’s blog post comes to you courtesy of Helena, Songwriting Master Teacher at YPI.

The recordings we do in Songwriting are very much demos. A full-fledged recording needs pre-production, someone acting as producer, extensive production and mixing, and mastering. In 4.5 days of workshop, students have just enough time to write the song, refine it, and make some strong choices to support the vision. The idea of making these recordings is to capture the work in progress we’ve been working on.

This means that we don’t get to be too funky or creative with the recording process. But every once in a while, inspiration demands that we add a little something extra. In the last chorus of Natalie’s song, we got to track me, Natalie, and AJ screaming along as an extra track, and it was perfect. Tiny moments like this make the recording process really incredibly fun, both for the kids and for me.

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