Patterns Out of Randomness and New Worlds

Editor’s note: This week’s blog post comes to you courtesy of Dan, Visual Arts Master Teacher at YPI.

This summer in drawing and painting (with a little sculpture thrown in) was a mix of skills, styles, students, and teachers.

There were three teachers, one from a classical drawing professional comic book background, one from a sculpture and printmaking perspective and one from cartooning, illustration and graphic design sensibility. All three of us thrived on each other’s ideas and energy, but we were mostly inspired by the students.

Drawing and Painting YPI Camp
Drawing and Painting Master Teacher Dan helps a student mount work for We Jazz 2013.

We started with some of the fundamentals: capturing form and weight, composing a visually compelling scene, continuous line drawing, drawing from nature and from the human figure, and conveying effects such as translucence. We experimented with multiple media and methods, from paint to ink, from charcoal to pastels, from foam core to plaster.

As we loosened up and gained confidence in our interests, we pursued projects that mixed realism with imagination, creating patterns out of randomness and new worlds made of what we see and what we think of. At the end of each week, students shared what they had accomplished, including what they had completed, what they had started and the process that got them there. It was snaps-worthy. It was a great time with great people.

We came, we saw, we art-ed.

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