Fashion in 2014: Keeping a Sharp Eye for Design

by Sarah Bys, YPI Fashion Master Teacher

To all my fashionistas…

Fashion Collage

I hope Santa was really good to everyone this year!

I have been working a ton this autumn after such an extremely inspiring YPI! I hope all of you have taken the same inspiration and are sketching, painting stitching, beading, creating, or whatever else you think of to keep your skills sharp and your creative juices flowing! I personally was amazed (yet again) at the talent and passion my class and all of YPI showed this summer! 2013 blew me away.

This winter, keep a keen eye out for texture and color. Keep your eye for style sharp by making a point of noticing something new or interesting. Noticing design features will create a subconscious library in your brain that will improve your creation skills. This is not limited to clothing; notice beautiful color combinations, interesting shapes, and tangible textures.  Then, when it comes time to create, you can pull from that library to make something amazing.

I myself have been taking inspiration from historical periods and figures. Inspiration can be found in anything from origami, garments, streetlights, or even shower curtains and lampshades. If you double take it, store it in your brain’s art file!

Don’t let your inspired fingers go to waste this off-season… make something! Repurpose old clothes or create something entirely new and sketch, sketch, sketch! Put that library you are constantly building to good use!

I’m already looking forward to YPI 2014 and I know all of you are too. I can’t wait to see all of your incredible ideas and work together to make some of them come to life!


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