Something I Wish We Could Bottle

YPI families and friends;

As we move into the holiday season I felt I should share with you how thankful I am to be working with young people over the last 33 years at YPI and over the last 48 years as a teacher, camp counselor, director, coach and principal. As you can imagine, I have lots of stories to tell. Some of the best, however, come from living and working with YPI campers and staff.

We Jazz poem by Jeff 2014

It will forever be extraordinary for me to see what can happen in only one week of working with talented teachers and enthusiastic counselors. Whatever magic YPI staff brings, it is something that I wish we could bottle for the rest of the year.

YPI will celebrate year number 34 this summer, and the buzz created last summer was more sensational than ever before. The use of social media has catapulted us into a new communications age, and I am so grateful for those YPIers past and present who sent a shout out or an update for us to enjoy and share.

Thank you from my entire being for the memories and joys that you have shared with me with us. YPI has truly become something to take with you after each summer session. It is not just a place, it’s a state of mind. Indeed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

from Jeff (and the rest of the YPI team)

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