Goods and Bads: Our Silly Little Ritual

I always scribbled mine at breakfast, usually on a borrowed scrap of paper and with someone else’s YPI pencil. I’m not much of a morning person, so remembering to do a little task every morning is not my forte, and I was always too exhausted at the end of a day of art and love and friends to write them before passing out.

“Goods and Bads” have been a part of YPI since 1981. We ask campers at the end of the day to briefly write one thing good and one thing not so good (bad) on a small piece of paper and hand it to their counselors anonymously.

The counselors bring them to Jeff, and he finds the time during the day to go through them and share some at Town Meeting, especially if there are good suggestions. This gives campers a chance to reflect on the day and share some ideas.

Some campers draw pictures, send puzzles and riddles for Jeff to solve. Some make suggestions to make camp better and some share their thoughts with notes and messages to Jeff (and the rest of the staff) that make him smile and sometime cry.

Jeff has 31 years of “Goods and Bads” stashed away. Within each week, each year, and each day there are jewels to be found. And some are just plain fun.

We’re going to start sharing some of them with you via the blog, every once in a while. But first, I (and the other magical YPI blog gnomes) have to starting typing them up and/or scanning them. Wish us luck…

YPI Camp Goods and Bads from 2011

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