So You Think You Can Go to The Dance?

Editor’s note: This week’s blog post comes to you courtesy of Sara Luka, Acting for Film Master Teacher at YPI (she also teaches Acting and Musical Theater – a real lady of all trades).

“So, You Think You Can Do To The Dance?” the mock reality TV show was put together by the well-oiled machine that was the Acting for Camera Class. Starring: Lisanne, Meghan, Meredith, Nicole, Olivia, and Sam, featuring host Nikki Parm.

This team worked on their on-camera technique and script analysis before delving into auditions for the screen writers. Once cast in other peoples projects they began their own character development. Each of them creating characters who were opposite from themselves. Not only did they have to create characters, but then they had to focus on storyline. Through an outline and some awesome improv, they created their Acting for Camera Project.

YPI Screenwriting and Acting for Film Classes 2013
The Screenwriting and Acting for Film classes onstage at YPI 2013.

Favorite Quotes:

“I’m not a stalker, but I know what he looks like when he sleeps.”

“I hate pompoms.”

“My mom says I have to made friends besides Microsoft Excel.”

“I knew she was gonna get Kicked off.”

“Sunflower seeds: they’re natural, man.”

“I’ve got more grind than a cheese grater.”

The support and camaraderie this team possessed was unlike any young group I’ve worked with before. What a joy it was to laugh everyday with them during our process.

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