Poetry 2013: The Freedom of Choice

By Master Teacher Sal Basile

Poetry YPI 2013 was a blast of rocket shots shooting from the craters of deep minds and launching pads of power-packed hearts. We went into THE VOID and conquered it, bent it, and totally twisted it into what we wanted IT to be.

Poetry Collage 1

Those of you out there who know what I am jazzing about are true YPIers. During those glorious two weeks of YPI, you witness our poets become transfigured from whomever they were before into Masters of the Universe. And the latter is an understatement, because the 2013 YPI poets linked together with their fellow wordsmiths and forged cooperatively and lovingly some tough stuff, wrought in steel-strong verses and rhymes.

These poets are fearless and divine in their creative powers, facing blank pages and blank faces filling them to the brim with peerless poetry and incandescent inspiration. Those 2013 poets slammed dunked and wham jammed their b-balls of fire straight through the rims of restrictions and showed their listeners what Freedom of Choice is really all about:

It’s about time, that is; it’s about courage of convictions that burn with freedom of choosing the best words in the best order!

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