Dance Your Way to Freedom

Dance Collage 4

By Master Dance Teacher Sarah Grasso

There are monsters in our heads. Spirits under our beds. Daemons behind the couch. We know they’re there and, usually, we can ignore them.

But not at YPI.

Not when there is a heinous couch to inspire a dance. And not when Alanis Morissette is determined to be a haunt.

During YPI 2013, Eliza settled in for a simple rest and her dreams – her nightmares – came to life.

This piece was a complete collaboration with every single member of the dance class contributing a head roll, a walk-over, or an eerie gaze. The choreography came from all of us – initial ideas inspiring new visions.

There comes a moment in the creation of every dance, where it all comes together – when it all makes sense. For us, it happened during one of our rehearsals.

In that moment, it became more than a dance. It became a story. A four minute experience fueled by real fears, monsters, and spirits. These dancers became friends with their own daemons and laid it all out on the floor…and managed to scare the living daylights out of me.

I’ve never been so afraid of something I helped to create. It was magical.

Only at YPI.