Noises Off a Smash Hit at YPI

Editor’s note: This week’s blog post comes to you courtesy of Sara Luka, Acting Master Teacher at YPI (she also teaches Acting for Film and Musical Theater – a real lady of all trades).

Sardines, and doors and accents, oh my! Noises Off was nothing short of a smash hit last summer (2013). Starring 5 newcomers to the YPI Stage: Meghan, Ace, Lisanne, Candice, and Alejandro. This dynamic team had the audience in stitches during this British fart — I mean farce.

Acting for the Stage, YPI 2013

Not only did they impress everyone with their British Accents, which they perfected with a real live Brit (Lee Mark Devlin), but each actor brought something special to their role. Meghan’s physical comedy was spot on with her constant entrances and exits. Ace commanded the whole motley crew with her natural stage presence and character’s intensity. Lisanne played the straight woman with her dry, dead pan humor; it’s impressive the rest of the cast was able to stay in character when she spoke. Candice made us all laugh with her character’s aloof honesty. And Alejandro mastered and performed Gary’s many monologues with an ease and commitment that had people quoting him for the rest of the camp.

They looked great, thanks to Sarah and the Fashion team, and they had a beautiful, unstable set put up by Scott, Mackenzie, and Nikki Parm. In addition to what the cast shared at We Jazz, they also worked on scene analysis and improv. We cannot wait to see what the Acting Team has in store for us next summer!

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