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Finding the Perfect Place

Editor’s note: This week’s blog post comes to you courtesy of Tessa, a camper at YPI 2013.

I’m in a permanent YPI state of mind.

To me, being in a YPI state of mind is the state of feeling a warm spot in your tummy, a facial expression of happiness or contemplation, and being inspired. When I think about the people and things at YPI, I feel like I could dance, write a story poem play or song, take a great photograph, paint a picture, or even just run all the way back to Suffield, to my family, to a home of mine.

YPI has done so much for me; it has given me friends, memories, inspiration, opportunities, a place to create. YPI is a place where I feel like I can really jump out of my comfort zone and take a risk. Everyone is so supportive of each other and on Friday at We Jazz, when everyone shows what they’ve created over the past week, I am in awe of how talented these people are, and what they can pull out from under their sleeve.

YPI Creative Arts Camp Photography

“Everyone seemed so comfortable in each other’s company.”
-Tessa, camper

Every moment at YPI built me up as a person, but my first year at YPI, in 2011, when we were all circled up at the dance, arms around each other and swaying back and forth to Mr. Big’s “To Be With You”, looking around at all the smiling and singing faces, made me realize how happy I felt and how everyone seemed so comfortable in each other’s company. It was in that very moment that I knew I’d found the perfect place.

It’s amazing how two weeks can not only make your summer, but permanently impact your life, and really touch your heart.

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