About YPI Camp

Founded in 1981 and housed at the Suffield Academy in Suffield, Connecticut, YPI, Inc. (formerly the Young People's Institute) is a two-week long co-educational residential summer camp for the creative arts. YPI exists to create a safe and inspirational environment where children of diverse backgrounds and skill levels can feel free to create, explore, grow, and share their talents under the thoughtful guidance of professional artists and caring staff. YPI seeks to produce an environment of cooperative learning for the young people it serves.

YPI encourages and supports artistic growth in young people, ages 10-18 (grades 6-12). Students are challenged to produce works of art at a high level in their workshops. Led by artists working in their chosen fields, young people explore poetry, short story, multimedia art, photography, fashion design, acting, songwriting, electronic music, musical theater, dance, and movement. The learning process is enhanced by associations with comparably talented peers from all walks of life who may have vastly different experiences to share both inside and outside the classroom. YPI promotes the belief that everything produced is a ‘work in progress.’ These products of creativity deserve boundless encouragement as well as compassionate critical attention. At YPI, ‘There are no can’ts and no wonts.”

YPI creates a community of respect and responsibility for young people. For those whose talents in the visual and performing arts set them apart in their school systems, YPI provides a home base by meeting every year. Creative expression is the ultimate goal. YPI provides access to professional artists who may help guide their careers as young people mature. These master teachers share both their talent and their wisdom.

YPI celebrates young people’s uniqueness as artists and as adolescents. When not being challenged in their classes, students participate in structured recreation activities conducted by trained counselors every afternoon. Evening activities include culturally stimulating performances by local artists, as well as age-appropriate events that promote communication and social development.

If you'd like more information about the camp or are interested in attending this year, feel free to email us, call us, or request a brochure. We look forward to meeting you!

YPI, Inc.


YPI Camp is housed at Suffield Academy in Suffield, Connecticut.